Rides for GOOD

We Call Upon Frederick to Do Good.

Heroes Needed - Volunteer!

Spend a little time, and make a huge difference in a neighbor’s life.

Our volunteers are essential to the success of Rides For Good and to the passengers we serve. As a volunteer driver, you will help your Frederick County neighbors to overcome the challenges of not having safe, reliable transportation to access vital and important community resources and services. Services include shopping for groceries, picking up a prescription, meeting with the doctor, seeing the dentist, attending faith activities, or even going for that job interview.

Why You Will Love Volunteering with Rides For Good


You simply use your personal vehicle to provide rides that fit your schedule and are convenient to your home/office. Opportunities to drive are available daytimes and early evenings, 365 days a year.

Easy Scheduling:

You can choose your rides by using our online portal or calling into the office. You can also opt-in to daily emails of all upcoming rides or receive individual requests for the days/times you designate.

Most importantly, the chance to impact lives:

As a volunteer, you will meet new people, share conversations, and significantly contribute to your neighbor’s ability to stay healthy, active, and independent.

(if using PDF version of form):
Please email completed form to [email protected]

Online Volunteer Application Form

To apply to become a Volunteer Driver, please complete the form listed below.

All information collected is considered private and will not be shared with any one or organization.

Mandatory information is marked with an asterisk (*). Upon submission of the form, a Rides for Good staff member will make contact with you to review the other steps necessary to become a Volunteer Driver.

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Please provide two personal references we may contact who are not related to you who you have known for 3 years or more





Rides for Good will request a copy of the applicants driving record from Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration. Applicants need to have 3 or less points levied against their license in order to qualify to become a Rides for Good volunteer driver.


(A copy of your automobile insurance card is needed) All volunteer drivers are required to have valid automobile insurance coverage
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Acceptable Documents: Insurance Card or Binder


Rides for Good requires criminal background checks on all prospective volunteers as these positions regularly come in to contact with passengers who might be considered vulnerable. Background checks are conducted by an Independent Agency, taking 2-5 days to process once al necessary information is submitted. Please review this separate authorization document, by signing the bottom of this form, applicant gives The Safe Ride Foundation permission to submit for a background check.


Any person found guilty of any sex offenses or felony violence will be disqualified and prohibited in serving as a volunteer. For further prohibitions, please consult the Rides for Good policy on Background Check Result Disqualifications.


All volunteer drivers are required to read the Volunteer Driver Handbook that will be provided to you upon acceptance of your application.


Clear Signature
I acknowledge that the information I have provided on this application is true to the best of my knowledge.