Rides for GOOD


For many in Frederick County, transportation mobility and lack of options (especially in the rural areas of the county) are often cited as major barriers for those in need. Many residents need a safe, reliable way to a doctors’ appointment, to the supermarket, even to a job interview.

To supplement the current transportation system and expand options for those in need, Safe Ride Foundation, operators of SOS Safe Ride, is proceeding to implement a reliable, affordable, user-centric ride-matching network connecting Frederick County residents in need of transportation to the people and services that matter most.

Scheduled to be operational in February 2024, the project will serve lower-income ALICE* households, many of which are underserved, marginalized, and adversely affected economically.

This ride-match program, known as Rides for Good, follows best practices established by the National Volunteer Transportation Center and the Community Transportation Association of America. At the heart of the program is the support that comes from a team of trained volunteers, using their own vehicles, who lend their time to drive pre-screened Frederick County passengers in need.

Registered passengers can utilize Rides for Good for the following purposes

Access community services

Attend medical appointments

Shop for food and groceries

Attend job interviews

Pick up prescriptions

Participate in social outings and faith activities

Attend classes and volunteer activities

Rides For Good - Program Strategies

Provide Viable Ride-Match Solution

Operate a permanent, data-informed, ride-match program, connecting passengers with community resources and services they cannot access due to a lack of viable transportation. A special focus is placed upon the rural areas of Frederick County.

Data Is Everything

Use the data collected to analyze transportation needs in the community that informs future policy implementation and additional solutions that can be

Unify Frederick County Services

Rides for Good is a viable option within Frederick County’s transportation system by
partnering with other providers including Frederick Country Transit and United
Way’s Ride United program.

A big thanks to our local partners
Safe Ride Foundation info:

Rides for Good is a nonprofit program of The Safe Ride Foundation.   Founded in 2015 and creators of the popular SOS Safe Ride drunk driving prevention program, The Safe Ride Foundation provides innovative solutions to help fill countywide transportation gaps and shortcomings.